Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) have been identified to play a crucial role in the economic development process in Sri Lanka and it is more important to alleviate poverty & solution of the unemployment. In Sri Lanka, majority of population are living in rural area which is estimated to be 78 percent of the total population. The small & medium industries in the regional areas are the major source of employment and SME sector development. It is clear that the sector has not achieved desired level of contribution when compare with other countries.

Having understanding this fact, National enterprise development authority (NEDA) has taken various steps to promote this vital sector since independence. NEDA has been established under ministry of Industry & Commerce and it promotes, support, encourages and facilitate enterprise development within Sri Lanka with special emphasis to the small and medium enterprise sector of the country. It is providing services such as entrepreneurship development, financial facilitation marketing linkages research & development and infra structure development to entrepreneurs and business development service providers.

NEDA has planed to promote SME sector especially in regional areas in the country and it is named as “Gamata ObinaVyapara” to promote business at village level.

This program consists of three major components:

  • Identifies Competitive Business Opportunities issues and suggestions for development of business sectors in a given geographical area (District Level).
  • Selection of businessman and potential businessman and develop them as an entrepreneurs by introducing competitive business and developing their entrepreneurial skills.
  • Implementation of Sector development proposals suggested by first step of the program.

Through the above component of the program, NEDA expect to promote SME sector in regional level and encourage to other rural host community by developing regional business model through the “Gamata Obina Vyapara” program. The NEDA solicited the services of pre-qualified Business Development Service (BDS) Providers to implement the above major component of the program on a results basis.

This Terms of Reference (TOR) is to implement above major component of the program.

"Gamata Obina Vyapara" Enterprise Development Approach (EDA) of NEDA

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