As per the Hon. Prime Ministers’ economic policy statement 2015, clearly mentioned the third generation economic reforms rely on promoting innovations and productive growth. In line with that, establishment of 11 business and technology development centers and techno based campuses are mentioned. Establishment of Incubator and Technology Transfer Centre (ITTC) by National Enterprise Development Authority (NEDA) comes under the purview of this ministry in association with Wayamba University of Sri Lanka (WUSL) is one of the supplementary initiative to realizes the third generation economic reforms of the Hon. Prime Minister. 

In Sri Lanka, there are 1,019,681 enterprises and 99.7% of the them are fallen under the category of MSMEs. 

In order to promote micro, small and medium scale enterprises (MSME) NEDA has been established by Act. No. 17 of 2006 which is coming under the Ministry of Industry and Commerce. 

With the objective to facilitate start-up businesses and micro and small industries among graduates passed out from WUSL and SMEs in the area until they grow up to the level of their self-sustain. ITTC established at Makaduara West Industrial Estate is managed by NEDA and WUSL. 

SMEs are mostly characterized by copying & repeating, traditional, use primitive technologies, no research and development, lack of business planning, lack of concern on quality & productivity, lack of access to finance leading to less competitive and associated with high cost production. 

New technologies and new products are developed at Universities and Research & Development Organizations, but most of those products are confined to research level as they are not entrepreneurial or they are not in touch with SMEs who are willing to explore such opportunities. 

ITTC facilitate the startups with required machineries and equipment together with novel business opportunities derived from research and development activities of WUSL and surrounding research institutions. Those research institutions and WUSL will get an opportunity interact with the MSMEs in the area and focus their research on resolving problems associated with those MSMEs especially young graduates who join with the incubator. 

The incubator facilities at the ITTC are carefully selected in consultation with, WUSL, Research Institutions & industry chambers in the area and MSMEs in the area. The collaborative effort of NEDA and WUSL will pave the way to provide total solutions to MSMEs in the fields of management and Technical aspects. 

The proposed ITTC includes Dedicated Packaging Facility, Feed Formulation for Animal Husbandry, Dairy Product Development and Processing, Processing & Value Addition of Horticultural and other Produce, Meat and Fish Processing and Coir dust, briquette, culture media processing. 

In this model the University is responsible of providing technological guidance to develop products whereas the NEDA supports in establishing an appropriate management, finance and market linkages to sustain enterprises. 

The ITTC offers services to Micro, Small and Medium scale enterprises with total solution for packaging, physical space, machineries and equipment, technical knowhow / assistance / consultancy, business management services, marketing assistance, assistance for business registration and establishing Financial linkages. WUSL offers IT facilities, product/process testing facilities, laboratory facilities, technical consultancy, Facilitation to obtain product and process quality certificates, technical Skill development training. NEDA offers business management, financial linkages, marketing assistance, intellectual property claims etc.

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