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Business Incubation The Business Research and Development (BREAD) Center

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The Business Research and Development (BREAD) Center

The Business Research and Development (BREAD) Center at Makandura was opened in 2017 in collaboration with University of Wayamba with the view of providing the state support for the business growth activities in the future. Our expected outcomes are Promote new entrepreneurs, Diversify existing enterprises, Promote new technology and Promote new & value added product. Mainly we support start-up in the business, technical support and product development. The Center is to offer most facilities to small enterprises as giving total solution for food packaging & manufacturing, physical space, technical assistance for food processing, business management services and financial linkage. Focus area for the machinery & equipment services are Packing facilities, Cooling facilities, Extruder machine, dairy processing, Bakery products, Filling and mixing machines, grinding facilities and drying facilities. Focus areas for the center are food related product and services such as dairy processing, extruder products, bakery sweets, spices, proceed fruit product, proceed vegetable fruit, and cereal products. Our clients are following 3 main stages when before use a machines. There are observation, trial and production. We conducted workshop for get knowledge food processing, entrepreneur development and business management to entrepreneurs.

Machine list

1.    Continuous Sealing (Belt Sealing Machine)
2.    Semi-automatic Auger Filling Machine
3.    Vacuum Packing machine
4.    Semi-automatic Liquid Filling Machine
5.    Shrink Wrapper Machine (Shrink tunnel)
6.    Solid Ink Coding Machine
7.    Semi-automatic Cap Sealing Machine
8.    Food Canning Machine ( Seaming )
9.    High Pressure Reactor Autoclave for Canning ( Sterilizer )
10.    Sachet Packing Machine 
11.    Extruder Production Line
12.    Pelletizer (Flat die feed pellet machine)
13.    Heavy Duty Top Loading Scale
14.    Mixing Machine (Ribbon Mixer)
15.    Incubator Oven
16.    Fully-automated Yoghurt Filling Machine
17.    Milk Homogenizer with Boiler (1000L Electric)
18.    Ice Lolli Filling Machine
19.    Milk Churner
20.    Cheese Vat
21.    Cheese Press Machine
22.    Pasteurizer Machine ( Batch Milk Pasteurizer Machine )
23.    Homogenizer 
24.    Refrigerator
25.    Cake Mixer ( Spiral Mixer)
26.    Cool Room
27.    Incubator Room
28.    Grinder - Hammer Mill (FCC disk mill)
29.    Dough Mixer