Market Linkage Programs

Trade Portal

Trade Portal

The overall objective of setting up of Portal under NADA’s management is to improve the MSMEs’ operational efficiency, effectiveness of procedures, documentation flow and communication in national and international trade transactions through making ICT facilities available.

Accordingly, the main objective is to be achieved from this project is to provide a digital platform for businesses to businesses (B2B), Businesses to customers (B2C) and customers to customers (C2C) of Micro, Small, Medium and Large-scale Enterprises (MSMs) and their counterparts for facilitating all business activities to have a higher efficiency under NEDA’s guidance. 

In addition, the following aspects are also would be covered from this programme.

  • to make MSMEs educated of various aspects and trends in business world by functioning as an academy.
  • to direct scattered and isolated MSMEs in the different areas to be participants in a broader and a strong market.  
  • to reduce transaction costs by eliminating traditional geographical disadvantages.
  • to form direct contractual relations between upstream and downstream partners and providing a business integrity.
  • to give an access to export markets encouraging MSMEs to use Portal services.
  • to motivate clienteles to be indoor customers for enabling them to face the unexpected situations such as the ones created by Covid 19 and other pandemics.   
  • to reduce inventory requirements and improved cash flow management.
  • to increase sales revenue through expanding business to local and international sectors.
  • to facilitate highly cost-effective promotional tools to promote MSMEs’ offerings.
  • to coordinate different agencies concerned with business.
  • to provide technical support for the entrepreneurs when and where required.
  • to improve customer satisfaction based on 24/7 web-based information services.
  • to improve quality of MSMEs’ products and services.
  • to improve MSMEs’ profitability.
  • To provide more value to customers and clients and strengthen their position in the market for ensuring sustainability of MSME sector.